Halfway Home!

by Shannon on June 24, 2008

Adam was released from the hospital yesterday!  He is now staying at Brent’s House in Denver, a facility for transplant patients and their families.   He isn’t able to interact with other families at Brent’s House yet, but he does get to roam the small two bedroom apartment.  When I spoke to him yesterday he was […]


Life Outside of Room 711

by Shannon on June 19, 2008

Adam’s white blood cell count continues to improve!  Yesterday he actually hit 1,000 which earned him a walk through the hallways of the transplant center.  This marks the first time he has been outside of his room in 20 days!  Adam said walking wasn’t as difficult as he thought it might be but there sure […]


Grand Junction Relay for Life Coming Soon!

by Shannon on April 15, 2008

Several of Adam’s friends will be participating in Grand Junction’s Relay for Life June 13-14 at Canyon View Park in Grand Junction. For those of you who have never been to a relay, it is an 18 hour event designed to bring together those who have been touched by cancer. At Relay, people gather to […]


Kids Say the Darndest Things

by Team Camp on December 30, 2007

I have had the pleasure of knowing Adam and his family since their move to Colorado when Adam was in first grade. I’m going to tell an “Adam story” that I hope gives you some insight into him as an individual and gives you a chuckle. This conversation occurred when Adam was in elementary school working […]


Merry Christmas – Mom and Dad

by Team Camp on December 26, 2007

Dear Mom and Dad, What a year it has been, With surgery, therapy and then, Graduation, and eighteen, at last and so soon.   Then scholarships and conventions, X-rays, surgeries, and technical inventions, Then off to school I went, To give my wings their first test, And with some help from the breeze, I found […]


Adam’s Essay – Written Senior Year – High School

by Team Camp on December 22, 2007

Another sample of Adam’s writing, this was written shortly before finishing high school and prior to entering college. Learn about Adam’s hobbies, interests, and goals for the future.  There’s tremendous wisdom in this post.  My name is Adam Campfield and I was born in Loma Linda, California on May 20, 1989. I was diagnosed with bilateral retinoblastoma, […]


Contact Us

by Team Camp on December 22, 2007