Adam’s Updates

No More Fever

by Shannon on July 10, 2008

The IV antibiotics Adam began receiving Monday did their job quickly; he has not run a fever since he was readmitted to Children’s.  He is, however, still at Children’s.  Druing chemo the rule with fevers was Adam needed to be 24 hours fever free and then he could go home.  But, as Jo and and […]


Back to Children’s

by Shannon on July 8, 2008

Starting about the 4th of July, Adam’s energy level has been steadily dropping.  Yesterday’s clinic visit showed that although his white count has come up a tiny bit since last Wednesday, it’s still pretty low.  Adam also began running a low grade fever Sunday night.  So, at his clinic appointment yesterday they decided to go ahead […]


Mixed Messages

by Shannon on July 7, 2008

Well, the person who told Adam he might be relased this week apparently misspoke.  At his clinic visit last Wednesday Adam was told that no matter how well the kids are doing, doctors don’t like to discharge them until approximately 50-55 days after transplant.  For Adam this means discharge could come sometime around July 25th.  […]


Steady Progress

by Shannon on June 28, 2008

Adam continues to make steady progress in his recovery!  As of today he has been transfusion free for one full week- a great sign!  His throat has healed and the acid is mostly gone.  The one thing plaguing him now is the loss of his taste buds.  He says things taste like saw dust or, […]


Baby Steps

by Shannon on June 17, 2008

Adam’s still not feeling great, but he is making some baby steps in the right direction!  The acid reflux is beginning to get a bit better and that is providing Adam some relief.  He is able to sleep a little more and is even beginning to think about food again.  His throat and mouth are […]

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Hanging In There

by Shannon on June 13, 2008

Well, Adam is one week past transplant today!  His counts remain low and he has had two more platelet transfusions as well as one red blood cell transufsion.  His white counts doubled from Tuesday to Wednesday.  He and I decided we liked seeing it double and it should just do that every day, but then […]


Side Effects Starting to Hit

by Shannon on June 9, 2008

Well, the doctors and nurses warned that week 2 would be a little rougher… Some of the side effects from this last round of chemo, which was longer and stronger than the others, are beginning to hit.  Adam has been experiencing quite a bit of acid reflux which has made his throat sore enought that […]


Transplant Completed

by Shannon on June 7, 2008

Adam received his stem cell transplant yesterday (Friday).  The process was similar to the platelet and red blood cell transfusions he has been receiving throughout treatment.  Everything went smoothly! Adam’s red blood cell counts are holding pretty steady but his platelets have started to drop; a platelet transfusion may be headed his way within the […]


Finishing Chemo!

by Shannon on June 5, 2008

Yesterday was Adam’s last day of chemo!  I asked him if we were going to have a party and although he said, "Maybe not today," he did have a huge grin on his face.  So far, the side effects remain similar to what Adam has experienced all the way through.  Today, Thursday, is a "rest […]


The Chemo Tummy

by Shannon on June 1, 2008

Today marks the halfway point of this round of chemo!  Adam was awake part of the time when I visited today and his usual good humor poked through a bit.  He was wondering if the stubble that has come in during his break from chemo would make it through this last round or if he’ll […]