Adam’s Updates

More Test Results

by Shannon on September 21, 2008

Although not all of the test results are in yet, the ones that are are good!  Adam’s bone scan and MRI that he had on Friday both came back clear!!!  They are sill waiting on test results for the echocardiogram. On another exciting note, Adam persuaded the doctors to let him move back into the […]


Results for First Set of Tests

by Shannon on September 15, 2008

All the test results from Adam’s first round of tests are back.  The biggest sigh of relief comes with the clean PET scan he had!  Results on the other tests are mixed.  He is experiencing slight hearing loss in one ear.  At this point, doctors believe that loss may be permanent.  However, it is very […]


100th Day Quickly Approaching

by Shannon on September 9, 2008

Sometimes time seems to drag and sometimes it seems to fly!  Adam is approaching his 100th day post transplant- Sept. 14 is the day!  As he approaches this milestone, a variety of tests are being scheduled.  On September 11 Adam will have a series of blood tests done that will look very specifically at how […]


Back to School

by Shannon on August 25, 2008

Well, Adam left Friday to return to CSU.  He will be staying with friends until doctors clear him to return to the dorm.  Adam will take several classes as independent studies so that he isn’t around tons of people, but he did sweet talk his doctors into letting him attend his honors class which is […]

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Still Quiet

by Shannon on August 14, 2008

Things for Adam are still pretty quiet right now.  The only procedures he’s had done in the two weeks since he’s been home are routine blood checks.  His platelet and red blood cell count are very steady.  Whites, however, are still bouncing.  Adam is taking a medication to help boost his white blood cell count.  […]



by Shannon on August 1, 2008

Yeah- Adam was officially discharged Wednesday and he and Jo came home Thursday!!!  Doctors removed his central line on Wednesday- that was a moment Adam had been waiting for!  He is incredibly glad to be home where he can play his drums and sleep in his water bed. The next couple of weeks should be […]


MRI Results

by Shannon on July 28, 2008

Adam had an MRI on Friday.  The quick read on results is "stable."  This means no change from the May MRI.  Jo and Adam haven’t yet spoken to a doctor about the MRI, they have only had a quick read from the technician; they should be able to speak to a doctor on Wednesday.  The […]

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Discharge Date Set

by Shannon on July 23, 2008

Whoo-hoo!  Doctors have said that if all goes well this week, they will discharge Adam next Wednesday, July 30th!  They will be squeezing in a variety of tests and procedures between now and then.  His counts are still on the low side so they will be watching those more closely over the next few days.  […]

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Just Hanging Out

by Shannon on July 16, 2008

I guess the saying "no news is good news," is applying to Adam these days!  He had a clinic visit on Monday and everything looked good.  His counts are slowly climbing and there’s no sign of whatever caused his recent fever.  Right now he’s pretty much just stuck in a holding pattern, waiting for that […]


Back at Brent’s Place

by Shannon on July 11, 2008

Adam was released from Children’s late yesterday afternoon and is now back at Brent’s Place.  They haven’t determined what might have caused the fever but are still waiting for results from blood work that might show the cause.  Doctors are still saying that this incident should not change his release date to come home (still […]