More Test Results

by Shannon on September 21, 2008

Although not all of the test results are in yet, the ones that are are good!  Adam’s bone scan and MRI that he had on Friday both came back clear!!!  They are sill waiting on test results for the echocardiogram.

On another exciting note, Adam persuaded the doctors to let him move back into the dorm even though his blood counts are not where they wanted them to be.  With the powers of persuasion that only a 19 year old possesses, Adam convinced his doctors that there would really be little difference between staying at his friends’ home and staying at the dorm.  Although he has not been cleared to eat in the dorm cafeteria or do a whole lot of mingling, he is thrilled to be back in his dorm!

The next several weeks should be fairly quiet, health wise.  Doctors want to recheck Adam’s hearing and do another full blood screening in about a month, but there is nothing on the schedule before then.  Next set of big tests will probably come In December.

I’ll still check Adam’s site on a regular basis, but I’m hoping not to have any news for you in the next month or so.  If you’d like an update, you can post a question to his page and I’ll let you know what’s going on or you can e-mail Adam directly. 

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Curt, Sandy, Jill and Elizabeth Carlsen

Haven’t heard any news since September. Hoping everything is still going well. Keep us posted and you are always in our prayers Adam.


Martha Simmons

I don’t know if you will remember me or not, but I was Adam’s first teacher for the visually impaired back in Riverside, CA. I have just been to Riverside to visit Merri Leonard, Adam’s first O&M teacher. She told me to check out Adam’s website. It is awesome! I certainly want to know how Adam is doing and to let him know that I have thought about him often over the years. My husband and I are now living in Phoenix, AZ. I would LOVE to hear from Adam or Mr. and Mrs. Campfield. Martha Simmons


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