Results for First Set of Tests

by Shannon on September 15, 2008

All the test results from Adam’s first round of tests are back.  The biggest sigh of relief comes with the clean PET scan he had!  Results on the other tests are mixed.  He is experiencing slight hearing loss in one ear.  At this point, doctors believe that loss may be permanent.  However, it is very minimal and Adam has not complained of noticing any difference.  The results of his blood tests were not what he was hoping for.  His white counts have marginally improved, but not enough to make much of a difference; the B and T cells (specific indicators of how his immune system are doing) are not where they need to be.  The doctors don’t seem concerned about this right now; they are saying that Adam’s body has taken a severe beating for a long time and it’s just going to take a while for it to heal.  Unfortunately, this puts Adam’s plans of moving back into the dorm on hold for a while longer.  They will run the blood tests again in about six weeks.  Adam is disappointed, but as usual, has maintained his great attitude. 

More tests coming up this Friday.  This set includes the MRI which has been the test that identified the cancer in both his knee and his arm.  So, keep him in your thoughts and I’ll get results posted as soon as I hear!

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