100th Day Quickly Approaching

by Shannon on September 9, 2008

Sometimes time seems to drag and sometimes it seems to fly!  Adam is approaching his 100th day post transplant- Sept. 14 is the day!  As he approaches this milestone, a variety of tests are being scheduled.  On September 11 Adam will have a series of blood tests done that will look very specifically at how his immune system is functioning.  The blood tests he takes on a regular basis provide only a very limited picture of what’s happening.  He will also be having a PET scan, a chest x-ray, and an audiology exam.  Results from these tests will probably be availabe by the middle of the following week (maybe the 16th or 17th).

On Sept. 19th he is scheduled for more tests.  On this date he will have the following tests:  MRI, bone scan, kidney and pulmonary function. and an echocardiogram.  Again, test results should come back by the middle of the following week (maybe the 23rd or 24th).  As soon as results come in for each series of tests I’ll get them posted for you.

Adam is enjoying being back at school!  Those close to him report that his appetite has completely returned and he’s "eating like a teenaged boy!"  He is excited to have the tests completed because if all looks good the doctors should clear him to move back into the dorm- his ultimate goal at this point

Please keep him in your thoughts as the test dates approach!

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Lynn Alford

I was just checking in to see how things were going for you, and I was delighted to see you were back at school!

I am retired and busy enjoying the outdoors in New Mexico and playing with my grandchildren.

Stay well,



Adam, Jody and I just read about the tests that you had taken last week and of the ones yet to come. I pray that everything goes well and that you will be able to go back to your dorm. I know that you are anxious about that. I’m also glad that you are now eating people out of house and home. That’s good I go for that.
I will be waiting to hear about all of the tests results.
Love you,


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