Back to School

by Shannon on August 25, 2008

Well, Adam left Friday to return to CSU.  He will be staying with friends until doctors clear him to return to the dorm.  Adam will take several classes as independent studies so that he isn’t around tons of people, but he did sweet talk his doctors into letting him attend his honors class which is only about 20 students.

He had a check up at the Denver clinic on Friday.  He is now off of all medications except for one antibiotic (he’ll be on an antibiotic as a precaution for quite a while yet).  They;ve all lowered his blood tests from twice a week to once a week.  All blood counts are holding steady but whites are still lower than where doctors would like them to be. 

Medically speaking, the next few weeks should be fairly quiet.  As Adam nears his 100 day mark (Sept. 14) they’ll begin scheduling a series of tests including a PET scan, MRI, and more detailed blood work.  I’ll put the dates up as soon as they are scheduled.


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Hey Adam!

Wow! It’s been a while since we last had a chance to chat. I was just thinking about ya & decided to check up on your web to see how things are going. It appears that you have alot going on and are as determined and strong willed as ever to continue winning this battle. It looks like I may be shooting a TV commercial in Cripple Creek, Colorado next month. I know it’s like 3 hours away from ya, but I’ll still be closer to your neck of the woods… :-) Keep in touch & drop me a line if you find a break in your busy schedule.

LOL – Lish


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