MRI Results

by Shannon on July 28, 2008

Adam had an MRI on Friday.  The quick read on results is "stable."  This means no change from the May MRI.  Jo and Adam haven’t yet spoken to a doctor about the MRI, they have only had a quick read from the technician; they should be able to speak to a doctor on Wednesday.  The cancer site in Adam’s arm is still visible in the MRI.  This could mean that the site is still active or that it calcified.  The only way to know which for sure is to biopsy the spot (the end of Sept. or first of Oct. is probably the earliest he can have a biopsy because of transplant).

Adam is scheduled to have his central line removed Wednesday and he should be cleared to come home on Thursday!!!  His white counts are still low but doctors seem to feel this is just a result of long-term chemo and that it’s just going to take a while longer for his body to heal.

I’ll try to put another note up after Adam has his line removed on Wednesday.

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This is wonderful – an answer to many, many prayers!


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