Steady Progress

by Shannon on June 28, 2008

Adam continues to make steady progress in his recovery!  As of today he has been transfusion free for one full week- a great sign!  His throat has healed and the acid is mostly gone.  The one thing plaguing him now is the loss of his taste buds.  He says things taste like saw dust or, sometimes, saw dust with salt in it

Adam has been working with a new physical therapist for the past few days.   After the last surgery on it, Adam didn’t really have time to build it back up before he was sick again.  With some simple excercises a few times a day, Adam is already starting to see some progress in his ability to bend that knee.

Doctors are beginning to discuss the "d" word- discharge!  Current predictions are that they may discharge Adam and allow him to go home to Grand Junction the week of July 7th.  We’ll keep you posted on that!

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