Life Outside of Room 711

by Shannon on June 19, 2008

Adam’s white blood cell count continues to improve!  Yesterday he actually hit 1,000 which earned him a walk through the hallways of the transplant center.  This marks the first time he has been outside of his room in 20 days!  Adam said walking wasn’t as difficult as he thought it might be but there sure wasn’t much to look at in the transplant center hallways

Even more exciting is the possibility of leaving the hospital for Brent’s House next Monday!  In order to leave the hospital, doctors wanted to see a white blood cell count of 500 or more for at least two days-Adam has hit that goal for three days in a row.  Brent’s House is a facitlity for transplant patients and their families that is located about 15 minutes from Children’s Hospital (it’s actually closer to St. Joseph’s).  Adam will need to return to the hospital three times a week for blood work.  Doctors will be monitoring his white blood cell, red blood cell, and platelet counts.  Depending on his counts, he might be admitted periodically for transfusions.

Jo and Rich will be moving to Brent’s House this weekend and Adam is looking forward to joining them there on Monday.

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