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by Team Camp on December 22, 2007


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It is an honor to be Adam Campfield’s aunt. Adam has visited our home in New York for many summers and we have many wonderful memories. Whether it be telling stories, sampling food in Aunt Katie’s Café, using our imagination with the stories of the great wolf or flying off to the castle on the heroic dragon, our family delights in spending time with you. Who can forget fishing with Pop and Ya Ya , swimming with the cousins, or remembering the time Uncle Craig took you hiking through the Grand Canyon Of Pennsylvania. You experienced your first blister but you never complained. It was early on that you showed amazing acts of courage and a strong commitment to excellence. With joy we remember the songs we sang and the laughter that was created with our silly antics and zany play time. Those who know you can attest to this magnetic personality that you possess, your remarkable aptitude to achieve the ultimate success in your academic endeavors or in your athletic abilities. Early on I dubbed you “the genius.”

Many reading this site will be astonished at all you have accomplished. This is what I wish to tell them about you. Adam is an exceptional person. With exceptional people come exceptional victories as well as exceptional trials. People who are exceptional take what life offers them and overcome obstacles to make what others believe to be impossible, to be indeed possible. Adam is a believer, a child of God whose light in his soul shines upon this earth in such a way that when you meet him, you experience the love of Christ. Adam’s relationship with our God reminds all of us that there is suffering in our world but with God, all things are possible and in our darkest times, we can turn to Him and He will be there. The verse which we have prayed with Adam before his surgeries is: Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial because when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life that God has promised for those who love Him.

James 1:12

As Adam faces trials once again during the Christmas season, we are reminded of the gifts our Savior sent us. The first gift is hope. During Adam’s battle with the beastly enemy called cancer, Adam remains vigilant. He continues to tell all of us that he will beat this enemy and for us not to be discouraged. Many prayer groups around the world, yes, around the world, have Adam in their prayer chains as many churches across the lands pray for him. It is Adam’s hope that enlists others to face challenges that life hands them with a positive determination.

The second gift of joy is evident when you just meet Adam. His personality and his wit make you smile. As an educator myself, having taught literally thousands of students, I tell Adam all the time, I have never met anyone as sincere or as genuine. He is a special person. Many who are praying for Adam have told me that Adam’s life is a gift for the world. We can learn much from his trials but it is truly his joy that people wish to be around. Adam teaches us all to be thankful for the simplest of things.

The gift of peace can be a struggle for many. Once my brother Rich, Adam’s Dad, told me if there is any one who should be angry for what life has given him, it should be Adam. Yet, he isn’t. I can say that he is not an angry person but a loving soul whose ability to think of others instead of himself remains one of his best character traits. As I have had discussions with Adam about the importance of character, Adam’s peaceful disposition proves to be an inspiration to many.

The last gift, which is the greatest gift, the gift of love, is what Adam is. For his parents, Rich and Jo, there is no better word to describe their son. Their commitment to Adam exemplifies this love. This great love continues to conquer these great mountains that Adam faces but it is this love that will support them to rise above these mountains and see the new day.

As for our love for Adam…it is constant. You are loved more than words can say.

May God bless you in the days a head.

Love you buddy,

Aunt Lynne


Aunt Gena and Doug

Hey there Adam….I have been praying for you and mom that you both get through this difficult time with as little pain and hardship as possible! Sometimes the pain of watching someone you love go thorugh so much is worse than the pain they are suffering! Being a mother I know this to be true! there is nothing more that I could ask from God other than to take the pain from my child and give it to me! We are all thinking about you and praying for you. We are all keeping the gear in F! I loved your letter and have passed it on to some of my friends that are going thorugh some difficult times. You are trulry an inspiration to so many…more than you will ever know. We love you


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