Hanging In There

by Shannon on June 13, 2008

Well, Adam is one week past transplant today!  His counts remain low and he has had two more platelet transfusions as well as one red blood cell transufsion.  His white counts doubled from Tuesday to Wednesday.  He and I decided we liked seeing it double and it should just do that every day, but then it dropped again Thursday.  Adam said the drop didn’t count because it dropped in half and that was still related to doubles- I reminded him that I had taught him the difference between doubles and halves clear back when he was a first grader .

The acid reflux continues to be Adam’s biggest nemesis.  It is causing him a great deal of pain and irritating his already sore throat.  Doctors are working hard to find something to help relieve the problem. 

Rich had a tough day yesterday so keep him in your thoughts with Adam.  Tonight is Grand Junction’s Relay for Life.  We’ll light a row of luminarias to celebrate Adam!  There are some new pictures on the photo link and I’ll try to add pictures from Relay later this weekend.

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