Side Effects Starting to Hit

by Shannon on June 9, 2008

Well, the doctors and nurses warned that week 2 would be a little rougher…

Some of the side effects from this last round of chemo, which was longer and stronger than the others, are beginning to hit.  Adam has been experiencing quite a bit of acid reflux which has made his throat sore enought that it is getting hard for him to swallow.  Nurses also think they see the beginning indicators of the mouth sores which about 99% of kids get with this treatment.  Adam says it provides a great excuse to eat nothing but ice pops and ice cream!

His red blood cell and platelet counts dropped significantly over the weekend so they transfused both Saturday night.  He may be in for a second set of transfusions today.  He is also receiving some supplemental nutrition through his IV since man can not live on ice cream alone .   Although the side effects are making themselves a little more known, everything is still fine- nothing is unexpected or out of the ordinary.

Adam is in great spirits.  He’s joking with his nurses and his smart alecky comments haven’t slowed down much.  His experiences, and probably the medications he’s on, have led to some fun dreams and he’s enjoying recounting them to anyone who will listen.  Keep him in your thoughts this week; he’s definitely going to feel worse before he starts to feel better.




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