The Chemo Tummy

by Shannon on June 1, 2008

Today marks the halfway point of this round of chemo!  Adam was awake part of the time when I visited today and his usual good humor poked through a bit.  He was wondering if the stubble that has come in during his break from chemo would make it through this last round or if he’ll lose it and have to start over.  He joked that if he keeps it, it will probably have the white stripe his fingernails have from chemo!fingernails (Custom).JPG

 The antinausea meds are doing their job for the most part, but Adam still isn’t eating much.  Today after eating a bowl of cereal he told me that a chemo tummy has two stomachs- one that says "feed me" and one that says "no, no, no, no, no."  When I asked him which was winning he said he wasn’t sure yet but not to go too far with his "catcher!"

Everything today was going as planned!

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