Fever and Allergies with Round 3 of Chemo

by Shannon on March 18, 2008


Adam tried a new anti-nausea medication with this round of chemo.  Initially it seemed to help- the nausea was not as bad as during the last round and his appetite was better.  He did have some of his usual reactions a few days into the cycle, so it’s hard to tell how much it helped.

This round of chemo did have a few surprises.  Adam did not spike a fever within his normal time frame.  His platelet count did drop, however, and he needed a transfusion last Thursday.  Adam has had slight allergic reactions to the platelet transfusions before, but his reaction this time was much worse.  He broke out in hives and it was 30-45 minutes before doctors were able to start getting a handle on it (normally they have it under control within a few minutes).  Because he had such a severe reaction, he only received half of the transfusion.

This partial transfusion didn’t do much to help his counts, both his platelets and his red blood cell count stayed very low throughout the weekend.  Saturday night the fever made its appearance so Adam headed for Children’s Hospital Sunday morning.  Sunday night they were able to give him a red blood cell transfusion (with only a minimal allergic reaction) so hopefully his counts will start climbing and he’ll start feeling better in the next day or two.

While he is at Children’s he will also be receiving an in-depth physical in preparation for the stem cell harvest.  The harvest is still scheduled for March 24th.

If you haven’t read it yet, check out the latest letter from Adam (in "Letters from Adam").  He tells about a dream a friend of his had recently- great story!

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