Keep The Gear on F!

by Shannon on March 12, 2008

Several weeks ago, a long-time friend of Adam and his family had a dream.  The following is Adam’s summary of the dream and his thoughts about it: 

Linda’s Dream of Adam!

I was to meet Jo and Adam in Mexico in a remote village. When I
arrived, I walked down this old street to see the beautiful Gold
Mustang Convertible with the top down and drums packed in  the trunk.
Jo told me that this was Adam’s and Adam would be driving.  What
was I going to say,I thought of course Jo is joking so I laughed.
Jo jumped in the back seat and Adam got in the drivers seat.  Hummmm,
O.K.  I’m game!  I jumped in and as I looked at the drivers console I
noticed that as Adam was putting the car into gear it wasn’t like the
standard P-N-R  D as in Drive.  Instead of D for Drive there was a
bright orange F. I asked Adam what the F stood for, he said, " Come on
Linda you should know F, it’s for Faith."
We drove down winding roads and never once were off course.

Adam you are a great driver! Loved the trip! Keep it on F!!!

*my comments*

I remember, when being told of this dream, that I thought it was very
significantly timed. Having finished the second round of chemo not
long before, I was, naturally feeling just on the upside of being hit
by a car and having someone tie my guts in a knot.
I had prayed to God hard over the last several days, asking for
strength to get through the pain. I had, as before in times of great
need, felt God’s presence, and knew that he was walking next to me on
the gloomy path of recovery.

Linda’s dream struck me as a very good representation of what I was,
in a way, doing then, and what I must continue to do through this
treatment, and, for that matter, in most any time. Put the gear on
Faith, and with the other gifts God gives us, we can drive any road,
no matter how rough.

Smile everyday, and keep the gear on Faith!




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