The Gold Coin – III Forks Restaurant – Austin, TX

by Team Camp on January 10, 2008

Adam and Mr. Curtis Osmond, Proprietor of the III Forks Restaurant in Austin, TX
In order to understand the significance of this photo, one must understand that Adam is very "selective" when it comes to food. Additionally, with patients who have experienced chemotherapy in the past, sometimes taste buds are affected and one’s tastes change over time and it can be difficult to find meals that are appealing…

Fast forward to Adam’s visit to III Forks……  

Adam savored every bite of his meal, and I think this is the first time that I’ve ever seen Adam eat everything on his plate!   When Proprietor, Curtis Osmond stopped by our table to present Adam with a Gold Coin enscribed with "Attitude is Everything… Luck Helps" ,  Adam told Mr. Osmond that the dinner was the "Best food he had ever had!"

Adam, after you finish your chemo treatment, please save a place on your schedule for your friends in Austin so we can go back for another dinner at III Forks!


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