Kids Say the Darndest Things

by Team Camp on December 30, 2007

I have had the pleasure of knowing Adam and his family since their move to Colorado when Adam was in first grade. I’m going to tell an “Adam story” that I hope gives you some insight into him as an individual and gives you a chuckle.

This conversation occurred when Adam was in elementary school working with a partner in math class. I remember that day like it was yesterday. It is so hard to keep a straight face when kids say the “darndest things”.
Classmate: Adam, I am really worried about you driving.
Adam:        I am too.
Classmate: I mean, how are you going to read the gas gauge?
Adam:       Well, I’m not, but I am more worried about hitting other cars.
Classmate:  Oh, yeah, that’s right.
Adam:         So, I’ve decided that when I get older I’m going to hire a chauffeur.
Classmate:   That’s a good idea.
The students were dismissed shortly after for recess and Adam stayed behind. I asked him why he wasn’t going out for recess.
Adam:   Are all of the kids gone?
Me:      Yes
Adam:  I just wanted to say a couple of things. 
 A. I don’t think he gets it! 
 B. Am I going to have to pay the chauffeur extra to read the gas gauge?
Me:      A. I agree, I don’t think he gets it. 
B. Reading the gas gauge is included in the price.
Adam: See you tomorrow.
Adam always has a plan. He always thinks things through. I have taught students with visual impairments for 32 years and you only get a few students like Adam in your teaching career. Adam is definitely one of them! I am so proud of all of the things that he has accomplished and continues to accomplish. He is a truly gifted young man and I wish him the best! Stories like this one occurred every day and Adam dealt with his blindness in a very matter of fact manner. We have had many chuckles together over the years and will have more of them.
So, the plan is:
A.     Adam will be the techno wizard that he wants to be.
B.     Adam will respond well to all of the treatment and have a quick recovery
Here’s wishing you well Adam!

Written by: Sarah Sonnier, Special Education Teacher (Visually Impaired Teacher) Mesa County School District

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FRank Zarcone


You are appropiately named, and the world is your garden of eden. You are so far beyond the word “inspiration” A new word should be created just for you. You are far to important not to be heard from and I pray for your recovery.

Happy new year and beyond.

Frank Zarcone


Debbie Bower

Hi Adam,

You are truly an inspiration, you are doing everything you can for yourself, and you have a wonderful attitude. No one can ask anymore than that!

At 45 years old now, I, too, am a retinoblastoma survivor. I also survived two of retinoblastoma’s malignant secondary cancers – papillary thyroid cancer and leiumyosarcoma of the urinary bladder. Today I am cancer free.

I had two children, one of whom had retinoblastoma. He was diagnosed by pediatric ophthalmologist David Abramson, MD, at Cornell/New York Hospital in New York City, and he was treated by radiation therapist Beryl McCormick, MD, at Sloan Kettering Cancer Center also in New York City. Perhaps one of these docs or their staff would be able to offer you some helpful suggestions. If you decide to contact them, please let me know how it goes. My thoughts and prayers will be with you.

By the way, Becky, your rehab teacher, is a friend of mine.

Best regards to you and your family,
Oil City, PA


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