3 Wishes

by Team Camp on December 27, 2007

For over a year Adam has been waiting for a wish to be granted by a "wish granting" organization for those facing life-threating medical conditions.

So far,  Adam’s wish has not been granted.

When Adam’s friends learned that Adam’s been waiting for over 12 months, and his cancer has returned, we thought  maybe, just maybe there was someone out there in cyberspace that could help us make at least one of Adam’s dreams come true.

Here’s a little more background about how Adam came to choose his 3 wishes.

 Back in 2006, Adam was asked to come up with 3 Wishes. In order to jump start the "thought" process kids are asked questions like if you could meet anyone in the world who would you like to meet, where would you like to go etc.

Many young people these days would think of  asking for something like a trip to Disneyland, but as you can see, Adam has some very unique wishes… 

 From Adam:

1. Question: Who would I like to meet?
 Answer:   R.A. Salvatore
 Author of many Fantasy books, but my favorite "The Forgotten Realms"  series. 
 I like the philosophical points he makes in his books.

2.  I would like to see a "mainstream" video game made accessible to the
blind.  I could help on this.

3.   I would like to learn all the meridian/pressure points of the body
because it intrigues me that they can be used for defense and to relieve pain.

Additional Notes: Adam’s doctor had requested a PET scan this summer, but
his insurance company denied it as not being medically necessary. Adam
would like to see changes in the US health care policy so that other
cancer patients seeking screening tests won’t be denied potentially life
saving, early detection procedures.

Hmmm,  Readers of Adam’s blog wonder… What if Adam were to be a guest on
National Public Radio discussing health care? How about meeting with
Senator Hillary Clinton or John Edwards to talk about what real patients
go through in an effort to obtain quality care?  What do you think about
having Adam testify in Congress?

 Think Big, Follow your Dreams, you never know where you can go, or what
 you can do unless you try.


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Aunt Gena and Doug

way to go Adam! you SHOULD be able to tell those who will listen what it is like to be made to feel your concerns or ideas or needs are not important or “not necessary”! I have been a part of the medical field for a very long time and i will be the first to say your not alone! there a thousands that go through this and we need to keep speaking up until someone listens!!! We didn’t take “no” for an answer when you were a baby and we’re certianly not going to take it now nor should anyone else! YOU GO!


Jessica (family)

Cool! I hope you get your 3 wishes, Adam!


Trevor Stevens

Hi,I’m Trevor Stevens
I had Cancer when I was 14m old. I had leukemia the treatment was high dose Chemotherapey and Total body radiation and a Bone marrow transplant. The Lord healed me now 13 years (i will be 16 in September) later i’m telling people about what the lord has done for me and i want to tell you to pray and read the bible and ask the lord to heal you, you may think i’m crazy but i’m praying for you and your family and believing that God will Heal you 100%. God bless.


Trevor Stevens

God has a plan for you. God Loves you and died for you. God bless you in everything you do.


leona theogene

Like many people in the world. i will always keep this kid in my prayers and hope that he will overcome his cancer.


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