A Principal’s Keepsake

by Team Camp on December 23, 2007

Adam Campfield
Written By Matt Diers, Principal Palisade High School
Palisade, Colorado


     I first met Adam on a hot summer day 2005.  He was introduced to me by his aid and we began to learn the environment, sense our culture, walk his way around our school, going from class to class, following the same route, discovering his way through and getting to know Palisade High School.  I last saw Adam as he walked across our stage at Graduation 2 ½ years later, accompanied by a front page news photo that will always be a principal’s keepsake.  The events that transpired at Palisade High School in between those moments will last me the rest of my life.

     Adam is a fine young man, a wonderful addition to the culture at our school.  He was always in the hall talking to students.  He was always at the same lunch table with his friends.  He always had quick wit and an honest voice. His presence at Palisade High School is still an inspiration for those of that know him, those of us that aspire to meet and overcome hardships and handicaps with the same intensity of will that Adam displays.

     I always tell the story of standing behind Adam, watching him do Algebra II on his brail machine.  He was intense, his hands flying on the keys, receiving the same instruction, performing the same assignments, being evaluated the same as every student in this class.  Adam had tape recorders, Adam had assignments prepared in brail, Adam had the same course work, same demanding academic schedules, the same requirements that all students have at Palisade High School.

     At the end of his senior year, Adam had worked and achieved straight A’s, he was a Superintendents 4.0 scholar, and graduated with the highest of academic honors from Palisade High School. 

     Adam left many teachers and many friends at Palisade High School.  It was a pleasure to have him in our school to wish him well, offer our good luck for his freshmen year at Colorado State University.

     Everyone at Palisade High School wishes Adam a speedy recovery and continued success at CSU.




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