Assistive Technology

by Team Camp on December 23, 2007

Adam’s Goals for the Future: 

As provided by Elaine Regelson, Director of Mentoring and Retention, Computer Science Department, Colorado State University

Adam’s dream is to do things that make the world better for others, and particularly to make it more accessible for other visually impaired people.   Although he came with very limited background in the field he began working toward his dream almost from his arrival.  This in part was through directly educating faculty members while simultaneously pursuing his studies.   Beyond this, with an older student, he also undertook a research project well beyond his level of knowledge. With neither of them having the knowledge of how to do this at the beginning of the semester they put together a very credible audio game by the end of the semester.   By the end of the semester Adam had changed many of us enough that one of our first questions to any new idea is "Will it be accessible?  If not, how will we make it accessible?"



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